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Blogging is now an essential part of online marketing strategy. Are you a SME struggling to write a blog post and need some tips? Are you stuck for ideas of what to write? Read on.

This week I thought I would point you to some useful websites and articles which I think will help.

A major player in online marketing is a company called Hubspot. They describe themselves in the following way,

‘Hubspot is inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, converts leads and close customers.’

They are all about attracting clients, so they know a thing or two about blogs.  In How to train your brain to write more concisely, you are given 6 really good tips to help develop your writing technique.  Check out the article here –

Once you have followed a few tips on how to improve your writing you may want help with content. There is no better place to start than with Happy Social, a social media agency with years of experience and knowledge. Check out the website – for more on this talented bunch!

If you are still unsure about what you should write in your blog, here are a few articles and their source to get you started.  – Linkedin – Hubspot –

Well I hope that this helps you to……Get Blogging!

Remember PM Noble Consultancy Services specialises in researching and writing blog articles and promotional material for small businesses.  If you don’t have the time why not get us to do the blog for you?

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Business as usual!

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Hi there.

Welcome to September!  Well, last week I did a quick rundown of the past year as PM Noble Consultancy Services celebrated two years in business.

So what have I learnt in these first two years ?

I have learnt that it is hard work and if you don’t enjoy what you are doing and you are not passionate about it, then it is even tougher.  If I am honest even with passion, sometimes you wonder if it will all be worth it. Well, this is where having a good support network helps. There is more and more help around and those who have read my blogs before know how much I appreciate my local business centre.

The Lets Go! Business Hub at Enterprise Enfield is your local one-stop-shop for support and advice.  The Hub has hot-desk facilities, access to networking,interaction with other like-minded SMEs and so much more! Check the website – which tells you everything you need to know including information about taster days. If you drop in on Wednesday 7th or 14th of September 2016, you can see the facilities for yourself!

Here are a few more pointers:

If you are thinking of starting a business, then check out the start-up day at the British Library – The British Library has a dedicated business section where you can access networking, workshops and information.

There are online sources of advice and information like the following:

So if you are thinking about starting a business or are within the first two/years, there is no reason for you to go it alone.
My advice to you SMEs and self-employed folk is to keep going. If you believe that this business is what you are supposed to be doing then:
  • focus on what your long term goals are
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • remember why you started your business in the first place
  • look back and celebrate how far you have come
I wish you all success.
To find out more about what PM Noble Consultancy Services see,
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Thanks for reading.

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It’s that time of the year!

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Hello there.

I cannot believe how time has flown as once again PM Noble Consultancy Services is approaching another anniversary. We will be two years old on the 2nd of September 2016.

If you want a re-cap of last years anniversary reviews please see, and

Now, for a review of September to December 2015 thanks to Wikipedia, (

September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn is elected as new leader of the Labour Party

October 2015

The Government is defeated in the House of Lords when tax credit cuts are rejected.

November 2015

129 People are killed in the Paris attacks.

December 2015

Tim Peake becomes the first British astronaut to step foot on the international Space station.

For an alternative look at 2016 so far, have a read of Helena Horton‘s article in The Telegraph12 of the nicest things which have happened in 2016 so far, (

We cannot forget  two stand out moments this year – Britain voted to leave the EU in June and more recently the Rio Olympics.

Looking back at the good and bad of the past year reminds us that business for many SMEs can be an  exciting yet, unpredictable and daunting journey.  This is why it is so important to have the right people around you.

If you are local to Enfield then you will be fortunate enough to have Enterprise Enfield and the Lets Go! Business Hub on your doorstep. PM Noble Consultancy Services like many other sole traders and SMEs have received invaluable advice and support from them throughout the life of the business.   The advisers there are all great, but special thanks go to Geoff Folkes, Kyri Photiou and Sara Carter for their continued support.

I have to mention the  InterAction/Hub users for being part of the journey, clients, friends and family for their encouragement  and I am forever grateful to The Lord for His guidance.

To anyone and everyone in business keep going, you are doing a great job!


Take care and thanks for supporting this blog.











News in Verse!

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Hello there.

Last week you may recall that I shared a few of my favourite poetry and poets. Well, this week I thought I would do a round-up of some news stories through verse.



You may have thought that you were dreaming, but in fact, this is real

Yannick Bolasie has been signed to Everton in a £25 million deal.


It costs £326 per hour for the London Fire Brigade to rescue a pet

Instead of calling the RSPCA for a trapped tortoise or a ferret.


Something some of us may never see was created by artist Kevin Gill

He painted Barack Obama on a Billion-Dollar bill.

It was delivered to the president via the American Embassy

Kevin said it was worth it when a ‘thank you’ letter came finally.


Barking and Dagenham is the unhappiest place to live apparently

While on the other end of the scale of happiness is Leigh-on-sea.


Someone else who may not have liked where he lived, I suspect

Was Thae Yong-ho the envoy for North Korea,  who decided to defect.


On A-level results day, there were some jubilant faces

As some young people managed to get the grades for their university places.

For those not bothered about results, opting for apprenticeships seemed wise

Especially as some universities have decided that fees must rise.


So all night tubes have started after a three- year wait

You can jump on the Victoria or Central Lines if you know you’re staying out late!

Although other lines will open in the Autumn, the tube cannot really compete

With the New York subway which is open 24 hours a day – seven days a week.


Finally, what have we learnt from the Rio Olympics 2016?

Well, Team GB are making history and their medal table is the best that it’s ever been.

Usain Bolt’s gold collection is complete and the record books have his name

As the fastest man on the planet who won three golds in three Olympic Games.

Nick Skelton joins a select group of Olympians who have broken the mould

And proved that age and adversity are no barriers to win gold.


For live news updates check out  You can search for the specific day’s news via the website.

For more facts and figures about Olympians see,

Thanks for joining me on this brief news round-up and remember that the Paralympic Games start on September 7th 2016.

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These are a few of my favourite… poems

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Hi there.

I hope that you are enjoying the lovely weather.  If not, why not? You do realise that this is England don’t you? The weather will be back to normal before you can say ‘rain stopped play.’

Now, this week I thought I would share four of my favourite poems.  It is a kind of continuation of the theme from last week for hard-working SMEs to relax and take a break. I know I know, easier said than done.

Okay, so if you can’t put your feet up and watch the Olympics or go off for a few days to Eastbourne (recommended), then take a few minutes out of your day and read (or watch) something that takes you away!

The first of my favourites is by the Welsh poet W.H. Davies (William Henry). It is called Leisure.  Here is the voice of the man himself on Youtube.


For more on the Life of W.H.Davies check out Wikipedia-

My next is a poem is one that a friend reminded me of recently, by the British poet and writer, Benjamin Zephaniah. To help you get into the Christmas spirit here is a poem called  Talking Turkeys.

To read more about this super-talented all-rounder, see

My third choice of poems is called Oh I wish I’d looked after my teeth by the English poet, songwriter and presenter Pam Ayres.


I grew up listening to Pam Ayres and was always fascinated with her clever use of words.   Check out her official website for more information-

Last and by no means least is a poem by the legend that is Maya Angelou.  The African American Poet, writer and Civil Rights Activist wrote Still I rise.

For more about this extraordinary woman see,

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my choice of poetry as much as I have enjoyed finding them on Youtube. (Oh the joys of modern technology!).

Next week I may even share some of my own poetry.

Whatever it is you choose to do, enjoy!

Take care,



It’s the Rio Olympics! You deserve a medal!

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Hi there,

So the Olympic Games have begun! Well, whether or not you like sports, it’s a good time to take some time out and enjoy the weather, not unlike Rio (pun intended) and take in the 36th Olympiad.

If you can’t beat them, join them as Rio Fever (no pun intended) is everywhere!  There is no excuse for not knowing what is going on. Here are a few websites to get you started on your 16-day journey through Rio 2016!

By the way, if you are not sure how it all began, here’s a bit of history from BBC Bitesize. Check out

Whether you are a sole trader or SME, you work hard and although you deserve a medal, you can take a well-earned rest instead; Put your feet up and watch others take home the medals instead.


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Take care,



Is your glass half empty or half full?

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Hi there.

Is your glass half empty of half full when it comes to your business?

If you are wondering what on earth does the ‘half empty, half full’ expression have to do with your business, then bear with me and you will find out.

Well, according to Forbes,

Nine out of ten startups will fail. This is a hard and bleak truth, but one that you’d do well to meditate on.

The article called 90% of Startups Fail: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10%, goes on to tell you what successful companies do. In a nutshell, put a product out there that customers want, and keep your eyes on every aspect of your business.

John Rampton  in Entrepreneur also gives reasons for failures and suggestions for overcoming failure via

So the glass is half empty when you think about the uphill journey that you are about to, or have already embarked on. This is not to say that  you should not do it if you feel the odds are stacked against you. In fact, the opposite is probably true.

Now for the glass half full. Samuel Smiles,  the writer of The Lives of George and Robert Stephenson, says,

We learn wisdom from failure much more than from success. We often discover what will do, by finding out what will not do; and probably he who made a  mistake never made a discovery.

George and Robert Stephenson were the engineers who worked on steam locomotives in the 18th century, who probably encountered all sorts of obstacles, and learnt from their challenges. Nothing has really changed over the centuries, except that we now have access to more help and support. So if you are a startup or SME remember – your glass is half full.

Take care,