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Hi there.

This week’s blog is about customer service. Whether it is good, bad or even ugly, we all have an opinion as to whether we have received the customer service that we deserve.

I like to be treated well regardless as to whether it is the very start of the day (beginning of a shift) or the end (when an employee could be tired).

While this is a bug-bear of mine, this is blog is not a rant about bad service; as I would probably be able to write a series covering the most common faux pas in customer service.  So, instead, it is a few pointers that we all need to be reminded of.

I found this great article by Help Scout called 15 Customer Service Skills that Every Employee Needs.  Now, whilst the article is directed to ’employees,’ we as business owners or as self-employed will either work with the public ourselves or sub-contract work, so these are reminders we all need, and they are handy not just within the working environment. We can actually apply them to relationships – treat others how you would like to be treated.

If you are an online business and you want to make sure that your customers are happy, then why not take some advice from TLCVIRTUALPA. As the highly-experienced owner of TLCVIRTUALPATerri points out,

“Customers who feel valued are more likely to stay loyal to you and your business.”



Whether in the UK or not it seems everyone has a story to tell. In Forbes, Josh Steimie shares, What Customer Service Should Look Like.

So, we all know that communication is key, so what about feedback? Well, according to Client Heartbeat, there are essential reasons to make sure that you receive customer feedback, that may give ‘insight to create a better customer service.’

I know, I started out by saying that I could write a series about bad customer service, and we are always quick to complain. However, I think that when we experience good or exceptional customer service, we should always contact the organisation concerned. In the past few days, I have given feedback about the professional service I received from a shop.

I hope that this blog has been useful and not too patronising. I  have found it useful to re-visit what should be commonplace in everyday business dealings.

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Want the right workspace?


Businesses such as Flexible Future, Zinfinity, Enfair and Loving Social Media have benefited from the Let’s Go! Business Hub


Hi there.

I started to think about work spaces and working from home after I read an article by The Guardian Small Business Network called, Can business hubs give entrepreneurs a head start?

If you have not heard of them, The Guardian Small Business Network is an online network which produces news, views and articles geared towards small businesses. They send newsletters to those who sign up to the group. I’ve found the articles to be interesting and informative and I’ve noticed that my online presence has increased since subscribing.

Now back to the matter in hand – work spaces. The work hubs mentioned in the article appear to be quite specialised, however, this does not take away from the importance of what these facilities mean for small businesses.

According to BBC Business, The Office of National Statistics states that the number of people working from home is at its highest, and 4.2 million people in the UK are home workers. These figures include those who use their home as a base but work in other places.

With these numbers of home workers, you can see why hubs or work spaces would be beneficial. They offer flexible spaces, for working and meeting clients. Working from a hub also means that you will hopefully be sharing space with like-minded people, and this should take away some of the isolation that may come with working from home. Depending on their prices, these spaces may even work out more cost effective than working from home all the time.

A local space that I use is the Let’s Go! Business Hub at Enfield Business Centre. See Enfield Enterprise’s website – As one of the registered hub users, I have access to free Wi-Fi, hot desking, meeting room hire, business advice and workshops.

To answer the question that was raised in the article, I can say that being part of a community of hub users, has definitely been beneficial to me and my business.

I’d suggest that if you’re a home-based business, you do some research and see what’s on offer. From a quick search on the internet, I found the following that seems to offer the same facilities and permanent work spaces:   

I cannot vouch for any of the websites, so once again, cross check information with other websites.

I hope that you feel inspired to do some research, and get out there and use your local hub space!

Take Care,