UK General Election Countdown

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Hi there,

Unless you live on another planet, you will no doubt be thinking about the 2017 General Election, due in a few days’ time.

Love it or hate it, party politics affects everyday life. So, what impact will the election results have on your business, whether you are self-employed or an SME?

While there can be no definitive answer, I have put together a few articles which I hope will help to shed some light on the matter.

In the first article by Tim Wallace called How will the General Election affect the pound? in the Telegraph, we are given facts and figures which highlight fluctuations in the market and what this means to the economy.

“Small businesses are by nature less diversified and less able than larger firms to weather big changes in economic conditions.”

We are given further insight by Jonathan Watson in an is4 profit blog when he addresses likely results on business by the election and how to prepare.

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If your business is linked to investments or European/Foreign trade, then read this CITY A.M article.

Are you still undecided about who to cast your vote for? This may help. The Guardian have produced their own guide called Who should I vote for?

An alternative view of how the parties compare can be found in this BBC News piece.

This has just been a very short piece, amongst the myriad of information which is out there concerning the Election.  As usual, I always advise that you do your own research.

I hope that this has been helpful.

Take care,


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