What do you think about childcare for working parents?

Untitled designHello there.

Over the Easter break, as a parent did you get stressed trying to find effective and affordable childcare? If you answered yes, then you are not alone.

In an article by Nursery World about the Cost of Childcare,  Isabel Bleach writes:

‘Ellen Broomé, deputy chief executive at the Family Childcare Trust, said, ‘It is a disgrace that so many parents are effectively shut out of the workplace by crippling childcare costs.’

The Money Advice Service has a guide to the ChildCare Options which are currently available.

A few of the many difficulties that most parents face are:

  • childcare which is expensive
  • childcare which does not suit the needs of the working parents’
  • childcare which does not engage the children adequately

If you are a parent, do you agree?  Is there enough provision for children and parents?

The childcare system in Britain is different from what is offered elsewhere, so how does it compare to Europe?

Articles about childcare by Day Nurseries and Independent both point to the fact that childcare in Europe is of a higher standard. One of the many factors which make the childcare better is due to the flexibility which is offered to parents.


Is there an alternative way for parents to work and cover their childcare/babysitting needs? This and many other questions came up when Diana of Jumping Stars and I were in a well-known Coffee house chain and saw parents/carers with children all around us and thought about how difficult it must be to juggle work and home life.

Diana is a childcare expert so is all too aware of the need for there to be some sort of change in the way the current system works. Her mobile creche service is specially designed to help working parents to do what they do best, without worrying about whether their little ones are safe and happy.  Her Facebook page details some of the many services she offers which keep children engaged while parents are attending corporate or event creches.

So, what is the way forward? That is a good question. This has been a dilemma for working parents for many years and is likely to continue.

The hope though is that new childcare models will start to emerge, as any service which is cost-effective, and truly child-centered, must be key for the peace of mind of parents and their children.

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