Hands up if you missed the Introduction to Blogging Workshop?



Hi there.

In case you missed it, the Introduction to Blogging Workshop was held yesterday at the Let’s Go! Business Hub, at Enterprise Enfield.

First and foremost, thanks to Sara Carter of Sara Carter Business,  who delivered a talk on Content and shared her extensive expertise throughout the workshop. Thank you to Kyri, the Let’s Go! Business Hub Co-ordinator for his help with facilitating the workshop venue.

I would also like to thank the following attendees for their great interaction:

Diana Irinei of  Jumping Stars, Raluca Andreea Amihaisei of London Property and Finance, Jacob Da’Costa of Wild Pixel, Liz Sorton of The Mumpreneurs Networking Club, Enfield, Ruth Pearson of Listening To Your Voice, Joy Cowley-smith of Studio Valuations, Claudette Withy of Devine Insight, and Nandarane Naina Parmar of Peacock Education.


It was brilliant being in a workshop with such an interesting mix of SMEs, who enjoyed making some useful connections while picking up a few tips along the way!

My hope for the group was for them to get to know some of the basics of blogging, to think about the aim of their blog and leave with a goal to kickstart their blogging journey.

So what did the participants say?

“This workshop has given me an insight and inspiration to start blogging.”

“It was a great workshop…very informative and helpful.”

“I really enjoyed the course. I now understand how important a blog is for business.”

“I loved the amount of information about blogging and its usefulness.”

The lively group – Photos courtesy of Jacob Da’Costa


This workshop was an introductory one. However, I aim to deliver a second stage workshop which will be more targeted to the businesses who register for the workshop. Watch this space!

Blogging is now an essential part of any business social media strategy, so if you would like to know more about blogging and how it can help your business, please contact me.

Remember that you can follow me on Twitter and contact me via my website. PM Noble Consultancy is also on Facebook and Google+.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.

Take care,






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