Mother’s Day Poetry

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Hi there.

This week I thought I would put together some poetry of various styles to celebrate Mother’s Day in the UK tomorrow.

To start with I decided to include a poem by Victorian English writer Christina Rosetti.  Although written for her mother’s birthday, I have included this work as I think the sentiments apply to Mother’s Day. You can read more about Her Life here.

My next choice is  A Mother’s Day Poem by the poet and author  Ms Moem, who writes personalised poetry for all occasions.   She is a new find from YouTube, but I love what she does. Check her website

I hope she doesn’t mind, but for my third choice, I have used a couple of lines from a poem by Vernette John -Joiles which I think is perfect as we celebrate all women,  who  (as mother-figures) have impacted the lives of many others especially other women. In Woman Know Your Worth, from the book Love Needs No Occasion, the talented author and poet writes:

When you know your worth,

You don’t live carelessly,

You walk and carry yourself respectfully,

Mindful of your Creator and abase yourself reverently,

You give honour and esteem to whom it is due easily,

You take care of your fellow woman selflessly,

And speak peace and wisdom calmly,

You desire to love and share fully,

Woman know your worth.

My next choice is To My Mother by Robert Louis Stevenson. As a Scottish novelist and poet Stevenson has written many works but is best known for  Treasure Island.  For more about his life and works, check the RLS website.

For my last choice, I have gone across the pond for a playwright, activist and poet. The Negro Mother by Langston Hughes is a powerful poem which exemplifies the struggles and strength of a mother during a transitional period in African -American history. For some facts and figures about Hughes life, here is Britannica’s Bio.

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s blog.

Happy Mother’s Day to all women, because you probably don’t realise how much you have done for others and how appreciated you are!

Take care,


P.S Apparently you are never too young to start on your poetry journey and 1f you are eagle-eyed you may be able to see who wrote the Mother’s Day ditty. The One in a  million refers to a poem published in the Daily Star (below) back in 1983!

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