Make your mark with marketing! Part One



Hello there!

Welcome to Part One of this blog about marketing. It is a huge area to cover, so before I offer suggestions as to how to make your mark with marketing, I thought we should look at what marketing is.  In this first of two blogs, I start with a few definitions.

A simple term would be to say that it is the promotion and selling of goods and services. This, however, does not fully represent the many different levels or functions of what can be achieved through marketing.

This Introduction to Marketing video gives a straightforward easy-to-understand explanation.

In Marketing Is More Important Than You Think, Mitch Joel makes some good points:

It’s about how your business connects in a world where everybody is connected. It’s also about how your messages are created and spread. We no longer have the luxury of communicating to consumers as we see fit (mostly through the muscle of mass media), because now there are many online channels where thousands (actually millions… actually billions) of people are connected (and chatting) about your business or the industry you serve.

The full article can be found –

The Business Directory also mentions product, price, place and promotion.  See for more information.

Hopefully, this information has made you think more about marketing.

Join me next week when I will be mentioning where to get advice and resources to help with your own marketing campaign.

Take care,


P.S You can contact me via the contact form here – with any marketing and grammar-related questions.





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