Let’s talk about tax!


Hi there!

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first blog of 2017.

To many, a new year means a new, fresh start. If you are self-employed what better way to start 2017 right than to make sure your tax and self-assessment are up to date. I know it’s not exactly the most exciting subject to talk about, but it is important.


There is nothing worse than picking up a newspaper and seeing a full page spread informing you that your tax return deadline is around the corner. No one needs that kind of stress.

Don’t panic!

I am no accountant or tax specialist, but then I don’t need to be, and neither do you. You can access all the help you need from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).  At https://www.gov.uk/log-in-register-hmrc-online-services, you can register and sign in to complete your tax return, to check what tax you need to pay and ways to pay.

As well as you self-assessment, you can sign up to have email alerts reminding you of key dates.  Emails are also sent to invite you to join relevant webinars like:

Business expenses for the self-employed

Find out what business expenses you can claim.

Simpler Income Tax for the self-employed

All you need to know to help make Income Tax easier.

How to complete your online tax return

This guides you through the self-employed pages of the tax return.

If you would like face-to-face advice about working tax credit and HMRC rules, then Enterprise Enfield offer sessions to help. You can find further information – http://www.enterpriseenfield.org/working-tax-credit-evidence-advice.


With so much information just a few clicks away, you really can’t go wrong, can you?

I hope that you have found this helpful.

I wish you a healthy and prosperous 2017!

Take care,




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