News in Verse!

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Hello there.

Last week you may recall that I shared a few of my favourite poetry and poets. Well, this week I thought I would do a round-up of some news stories through verse.



You may have thought that you were dreaming, but in fact, this is real

Yannick Bolasie has been signed to Everton in a £25 million deal.


It costs £326 per hour for the London Fire Brigade to rescue a pet

Instead of calling the RSPCA for a trapped tortoise or a ferret.


Something some of us may never see was created by artist Kevin Gill

He painted Barack Obama on a Billion-Dollar bill.

It was delivered to the president via the American Embassy

Kevin said it was worth it when a ‘thank you’ letter came finally.


Barking and Dagenham is the unhappiest place to live apparently

While on the other end of the scale of happiness is Leigh-on-sea.


Someone else who may not have liked where he lived, I suspect

Was Thae Yong-ho the envoy for North Korea,  who decided to defect.


On A-level results day, there were some jubilant faces

As some young people managed to get the grades for their university places.

For those not bothered about results, opting for apprenticeships seemed wise

Especially as some universities have decided that fees must rise.


So all night tubes have started after a three- year wait

You can jump on the Victoria or Central Lines if you know you’re staying out late!

Although other lines will open in the Autumn, the tube cannot really compete

With the New York subway which is open 24 hours a day – seven days a week.


Finally, what have we learnt from the Rio Olympics 2016?

Well, Team GB are making history and their medal table is the best that it’s ever been.

Usain Bolt’s gold collection is complete and the record books have his name

As the fastest man on the planet who won three golds in three Olympic Games.

Nick Skelton joins a select group of Olympians who have broken the mould

And proved that age and adversity are no barriers to win gold.


For live news updates check out  You can search for the specific day’s news via the website.

For more facts and figures about Olympians see,

Thanks for joining me on this brief news round-up and remember that the Paralympic Games start on September 7th 2016.

Take care,










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