It’s the Rio Olympics! You deserve a medal!

Medal on ribbon on blue surface uid 1271334

Hi there,

So the Olympic Games have begun! Well, whether or not you like sports, it’s a good time to take some time out and enjoy the weather, not unlike Rio (pun intended) and take in the 36th Olympiad.

If you can’t beat them, join them as Rio Fever (no pun intended) is everywhere!  There is no excuse for not knowing what is going on. Here are a few websites to get you started on your 16-day journey through Rio 2016!

By the way, if you are not sure how it all began, here’s a bit of history from BBC Bitesize. Check out

Whether you are a sole trader or SME, you work hard and although you deserve a medal, you can take a well-earned rest instead; Put your feet up and watch others take home the medals instead.


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