Brexit – A different perspective?

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With less than two weeks to go, the hot topic at the moment is Brexit. If you don’t know what Brexit is then I have to ask ‘where on earth have you been?’  I apologise if you live in another dimension as you may be slightly bored by a blog discussing one of the most important decisions that Britons will have to face for quite some time.

I don’t really want to be dipping into any politics, but this decision will have an impact on our businesses and our everyday lives, so I thought I would share what is out there from a different perspective.

Firstly, The Mirror online have a series of short definitions surrounding the EU Referendum and Brexit for those who are unaware of what the terms mean. An example is:

What is ‘Brexit’? The term is short for “British exit” – shorthand for the possibility of the UK’s exit from the EU following the referendum on June 23 2016.

The paper also tells us who wants Britain to leave the European Union and who is in favour of remaining in the EU.  If this simple way of addressing the matter does not help you decide then perhaps nothing will. For more see

For an alternative perspective to the whole debate, have a read of Vicky Spratt’s article for The Spectator –  She recently started a campaign to make renting fair, so is very passionate about issues that have an effect on many, especially those living in London.

A third view can be found in a well-written piece in The Economist called Beyond the Fringe –

Lastly The London School of Economics and Political Science has a report which starts:

To make an informed decision on the merits of leaving the European Union, UK voters need to know more about what the government would do following Brexit.

To read it in full see

The information and quotes in this blog are not necessarily views that I share, however, they are worth reading as they are informative (basic through to extensive) and may hopefully make you think more about what you will do on June 23rd.

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