Lost in Translation!

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Hey there!

Happy Fourth of July, to those of you from across the pond!

I thought I would update and re-post this blog from last year, with some of the differences in language between American- English and British- English.

Okay, I hear some die-hard linguists saying there is no such thing as American-English, it’s just English!  Well, you can relax, this is not supposed to be the definitive guide, just some fun!

On a day-to-day basis, I can’t say that I sit and think about the differences between our speech and that of our allies, but when my cousin Pamela came over from America last year, I did this mini guide in honour of her visit.  Please feel free to share it should you feel that you need some help with translation!

A few examples of the differences are:


Pavement – Sidewalk

Pushchair/Pram -Stroller

Toilet/Loo -Bathroom/Washroom/Restroom

Supermarket – Grocery store

Mobile phone – Cell phone

Crisps – Potato chips

Trainers – Sneakers

Petrol – Gas

Tights – Pantyhose

Jam – Jelly

Jumper – Sweater

Trousers – Pants

I could spend all day compiling my own list, but there is a really good website that just about covers all you need to know, at London.trusttown.net

So we know what the differences are, but why do those differences exist?  In a nutshell, the British colonised the Americas and after independence, America decided to take back some of the control with the language.  For the full story, see,


Hope you enjoyed this quick gallop down American-English Avenue.

See ya’ll later!





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