Brexit -What next?

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Hi there.

I had it all planned. A nice safe blog to lighten the mood in anticipation of the results of the European Union Referendum. Well, that is on hold, as I felt that I should write the follow-up to Brexit- A different perspective?

When I wrote that blog, there is no way that I thought the UK would vote to leave the EU.  I knew it would be a close result, but nothing prepared me for the disbelief and disappointment that I felt on Friday morning.

Two weeks ago I stated that I was not going  to get political, but wanted to address the topic of the moment .Well, this subject is set to run for a while and whether we like it or not we are all involved in politics. From the minute you exercise your right to vote, you are involved.

The UK has voted. David Cameron has resigned. The value of the pound has fallen. Scotland is going for another vote for independence.

So what now?  Well, the strange thing is, no one knows what’s going to happen. Neither the leave nor remain camp know. There are speculations about which EU country will follow suit and have a referendum to leave the EU- Nexit.

The articles I mentioned in the blog two weeks ago posed concerns which are yet to be addressed. The effects on small business owners, education and those on a lower wage, may not be felt straight away, but I am certain there be will an impact.

So how did we get here? How on earth was it possible to make a decision without knowing the long term implications of leaving membership of this union which has not been voted for since 1975?

What is great about Great Britain (do people say Great Britain anymore?) is that it is a country which allows freedom of speech, so everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We have seen those opinions expressed, and in this case, acted upon.   It is unfortunate though that we all have to live with the consequences of a decision that was made by some and not all of the voting population.

I cannot say much more other than we will all have to watch and wait to see how this unfolds and if you have the inclination to pray for the UK and Europe, I suggest you do so now.

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Write Right!

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Hi there.

This week I thought I would re-visit one of my earlier blog subjects; the difference between homonyms and homophones.  These two unusual words seem to represent terms that can be very confusing to folk. gives good definitions.

It says:

homonym is a word that is said or spelled the same way as another word but has a different meaning.


homophone is a word that sounds the same as another word but has a different meaning and/or spelling. uses examples and tests to challenge readers.   If you cannot get enough of homonyms and homophones, and really want to impress your friends, check out, where you will find some jokes.

So what are these word that people stumble over all the time?


Homonyms and Homophones


Affect* Effect* Flour Flower
Allusion Illusion Altar Alter
Fair Fare Arc Ark
There Their Inn In
Your You’re (You are) Lead Led
Right Write Bye Buy
Beat Beet Knot Not
Hole Whole Grate Great
Stair Stare Weak Week
Plain Plane Weather Whether
Wait Weight Hear Here
Passed Paste Groan Grown
Maid Made Road Rode
Sail Sale Waist Waste


*These can be either homophone or homonym depending on which side of the grammar fence you sit on. I do not sit on either side however I recognise that many of us have problems with these words.

You will see that I have not gone into any detail about the examples I have used. This is a deliberate action so that you can go away and do some research yourself.

Anything I write is not the definitive guide on a subject, just as taster.

I hope you can join me again.

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Brexit – A different perspective?

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With less than two weeks to go, the hot topic at the moment is Brexit. If you don’t know what Brexit is then I have to ask ‘where on earth have you been?’  I apologise if you live in another dimension as you may be slightly bored by a blog discussing one of the most important decisions that Britons will have to face for quite some time.

I don’t really want to be dipping into any politics, but this decision will have an impact on our businesses and our everyday lives, so I thought I would share what is out there from a different perspective.

Firstly, The Mirror online have a series of short definitions surrounding the EU Referendum and Brexit for those who are unaware of what the terms mean. An example is:

What is ‘Brexit’? The term is short for “British exit” – shorthand for the possibility of the UK’s exit from the EU following the referendum on June 23 2016.

The paper also tells us who wants Britain to leave the European Union and who is in favour of remaining in the EU.  If this simple way of addressing the matter does not help you decide then perhaps nothing will. For more see

For an alternative perspective to the whole debate, have a read of Vicky Spratt’s article for The Spectator –  She recently started a campaign to make renting fair, so is very passionate about issues that have an effect on many, especially those living in London.

A third view can be found in a well-written piece in The Economist called Beyond the Fringe –

Lastly The London School of Economics and Political Science has a report which starts:

To make an informed decision on the merits of leaving the European Union, UK voters need to know more about what the government would do following Brexit.

To read it in full see

The information and quotes in this blog are not necessarily views that I share, however, they are worth reading as they are informative (basic through to extensive) and may hopefully make you think more about what you will do on June 23rd.

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Lost in Translation – Happy 4th of July!

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Hey there!

Happy Fourth of July, to those of you from across the pond!

I thought I would update and re-post this blog from last year, with some of the differences in language between American- English and British- English.

Okay, I hear some die-hard linguists saying there is no such thing as American-English, it’s just English!  Well, you can relax, this is not supposed to be the definitive guide, just some fun!

On a day-to-day basis, I can’t say that I sit and think about the differences between our speech and that of our allies, but when my cousin Pamela came over from America  I did this mini guide.

Please feel free to share it should you feel that you need some help with translation!

A few examples of the differences are:


Pavement – Sidewalk

Pushchair/Pram -Stroller

Toilet/Loo -Bathroom/Washroom/Restroom

Supermarket – Grocery store

Mobile phone – Cell phone

Crisps – Potato chips

Trainers – Sneakers

Petrol – Gas

Tights – Pantyhose

Jam – Jelly

Jumper – Sweater

Trousers – Pants

I could spend all day on this, so instead here are a few resources:

A very useful guide by  – British Vs. American English Infographic

A video called Learning English

An article by The Writer – British vs American English

So we know what the differences are, but why do those differences exist?  In a nutshell, the British colonised the Americas and after independence, America decided to take back some of the control with the language.  For the full story, see,


Hope you enjoyed this quick gallop down American-English Avenue.

See ya’ll later!