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With an ageing population, do you ever think about older workers and how they fit into this current economic climate?  Well, this week we look at issues relating to older workers.

The Government commissioned a report by Dr Ros Altmann called, A new vision for older workers.  In it, she states,

An increasing number of employers, individuals and organisations understand both the challenges of an ageing population and the benefits of employing older workers.

With this in mind, Dr Altmann addresses these concerns with a great amount of detail for both employees and employers. As the Business Champion for Older Workers, Dr Altmann has left no stone unturned and has used her previous consumer campaigning and ministerial roles to lay out a thorough report.

The full document can be found in this downloadable pdf –…/a-new-vision-for-older-workers.pdf.

The National Careers Service is not just there for those of working age, it is for everyone and there is a section dedicated to the older members of the population who need help and support whether they want to work or learn new skills. The National Careers website says,

As an older worker, you will have a wealth of skills and experience at your fingertips. This section includes advice on making the most of that experience, whether you’re looking for a different job or want to learn something new.

They go on to say,

The Equality Act 2010 makes it unlawful to discriminate against employees, job seekers and trainees because of age. For example, this may include because they are ‘younger’ or ‘older’ than a relevant and comparable employee.

Okay, so we know that older people make up part of the workforce. However, you may be surprised by the number of older people employed from the age of 65 to 69. Here are a few facts and figures:

In part-time employment 80% of the above age range of people work in Education, 74% are in hospitality, 75% are in health and social care and 72% are in public admin roles.

This contribution to the workforce may be due in part to The Equality Act and encouragement from campaigners like Age UK (

If you love statistics and have a few hours spare, have a look at the full pdf produced by the Government –…/older-workers-by-sector-ad-hoc-statistics.pdf.

These statistics along with all the documents available to download highlights the Government’s awareness of a need to address the many issues surrounding an ageing population and the impact this has in areas such as pensions.

Some older workers have no choice but to work while others want to do so, to socialise or to keep active.  More and more companies are seeing the benefits of an older workforce and even have apprenticeships with no upper age limit. The BBC have reported on a number of stories about older workers in the UK and further afield. One such report called The rise of the middle-aged intern, features some older Americans who have chosen to become interns in various fields   –

I think that this information is relevant to workers of all ages, as none of us know what situation we may find ourselves in as we get older.  It looks as though support for the older population in general, has increased. Hopefully, this will continue in order to allow more choice for what to do when approaching or during retirement.

Remember, we should all love what we do!

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