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Hello there!

You may have noticed a theme lately discussing why you should love what you do, and do what you love. Well, this week is not that different as we look at companies that know about the benefits of having a happy workforce.  If this is a growing trend then I definitely want to know more and I think we can all learn from this whether we are employers or employees.

In an article called, The rise of playfulness in the workplace we read that,

‘Happiness is available in many forms, but a careful balance between work and non-work is absolutely key.’

Adam Breeden goes on to talk about a study conducted in October 2015 which looked into companies like You TubeGoogle and Lego, to see how they try to keep their employees young at heart.  This is not that much of a surprise, as we would expect nothing less from global brands like these. However, there are a few well-known companies that have also implemented short-term practices into the work environment which boosts productivity in the long term.  For the whole article see,

Okay, so I have made a note to myself that if and when I employ others I have to create the right atmosphere. In the meantime, though, where are these elusive companies that make up Best workplaces lists?

According to an article in The Independent in December 2015, Expedia was top of the list of companies to work for in the UK.   Retailer Shuh and the charity Oxfam are fifth and sixth on the list. So how did they make the list?

They are all great places to work because of how the organisations are run, they have good management in place and of course, pay and colleagues plays a large part too.

For the full list, see

If you own or work for a company that you believe could be the best workplace, why not check out and maybe enter for 2017!

There may be some organisations that believe they have everything in place to ensure that their employees are happy, yet there seems to be some negativity.  Well, help is at hand on the internet.

Here are a few options:…/OVERCOMING_NEGATIVITY_IN_THE. This is a link to a PDF of A Managers Guide to Overcoming Negativity in the workplace by Business Management Daily.

Arron Skonnard on writes How to cultivate hope, not haters, in the workplace, in his article, 7 Ways to Overcome Office Negativity.

So the moral of this week’s story – if you can’t do what you love or love what you do:

Find a company to work for where you can,


Start your own company so you can.


Take Care,





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