Do What You Love! (Part 2)

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Hello there!

Last week in Part 1, I wrote about St Valentine and mentioned a great article about why you should do what you love.

So we know that in the work domain if you do what you love, the benefits speak for themselves because you will be more productive. So what do you for pleasure or in your leisure time?

Whether you have had a hobby for years, or are contemplating taking up a new one, you never know where this may lead- you could end up making a million from it, or maybe just ending up loving something new.

There are some really good articles out there that:

give good advice –

See,…/5-strategies-for-turning-your-hobby-into- a and…/six-tips-for-turning-your-hobby-into-your-job/

suggest ideas for hobbies for jobs-

see…/7-hobbies-you-can-turn-into-a-second-career and

And have some real life stories –


Speaking of real life stories, check out and, where you will find some local business owners, who have turned their interests (traditional crafts) into a business and it looks like they do what they love!

Now, I did say that during the course of the next few weeks I would mention my interests too.  So if you haven’t already guessed, one of my interests is writing.  I do what I love every time I blog, and there’s a good article about the difference between a hobby blog and a professional blog.  See,

Another really interesting article is called Why some people make money writing and others never will by James Chartrand. He again tells you the difference between professionals and those who write as a hobby.  See,

I hope that you enjoyed Part 2, and will join me next week for more Do What You Love.


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