Do What You Love! (Part 1)

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Hi there!

So just to re-cap. Last week I mentioned the V word and sorry about this, there is more to come.  Don’t go anywhere though as you may as well stay for the duration and see what enfolds over the coming weeks.

For those who don’t know what St Valentine is really about, let me give you an abridged version, which has folk arguing about whether its origins are indeed fact or fiction.

In AD 269 Emperor Claudius II was known to persecute the church and wanted to stop marriages of young people fearing that this would affect young men’s ability to fight in his army. A Roman priest called Valentine seeing how permissive the society was at that time assisted young people to marry secretly, thus helping to preserve marriage and the Christian faith. Valentine’s actions were discovered and he was then tortured and sent to prison.

I hope that you are keeping up!

Now once in prison Valentine prayed for the daughter of Asterius (a jailer) with miraculous results. Witnessing his daughter’s sight being restored, Asterius became a Christian.

Unfortunately there was no happy ending for Valentine. He was sentenced to a horrific death for his disobedience to Emperor Claudius II. While he awaited his death, Valentine wrote a note to the daughter of Asterius in which his last words were signed off with ‘Your Valentine.’ So now you can see the link to modern day Valentines cards.

For the full legend see or

If true, this is a story of faith, courage and love. So now what does that have to do with Business or Leisure, do what you love? Well, sometimes we need faith, courage and love to step out and pursue something that we are passionate about.

In business you are supposed to have faith in the product or service that you are providing as well faith in your own ability to deliver on your promise.  This in turn takes courage as economically, we are still in uncertain times. Lastly, if you do what you love, or what you are passionate about, you are more likely to succeed.  This is backed up with a really good article by Business News Daily called 12 Reasons to Do What You Love for a Living. See,

So now you know a little more about St Valentine and are feeling more inspired to do what you love, I hope that you will join me for Part 2.

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