Do what you love! (An Introduction)

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Hello there!

Do you remember about a month ago I wrote Love what you do? What I really wanted to add was that you should also do what you love. By that I mean, do something that makes you smile, or makes your heart beat just tiny bit faster or something that motivates you to jump out of bed, even on a cold morning!

Okay, so you are probably wondering what it is I am going to say that I haven’t already said in, Love what you do, well stay tuned!

WARNING! I am about to mention the love-it or hate-it most, romantic day of the year – Valentine’s Day or to use the proper title St Valentine’s Day.

I know your eyes are rolling and you’re groaning, but Valentine’s Day along with many other festivals and celebrations have become so commercialised that the intended meaning has been lost in translation.

So is this going to redress the balance? I hope it will to some degree. Yes I will be jumping on the band wagon in as far as I will be focussing on love, but I won’t be selling you dodgy roses or cheap perfume. Not a single penny or pound needs to leave your purse or wallet (unless you really want it to).

I won’t spoil it and tell you anything more than, over the following four weeks, I will be sharing what I love (or like a lot!). I hope that you will join me on my campaign trail called Business or Leisure – do what you love.

I hope by the end of it all, I’ll get your vote. See what I did there?


Take Care and thanks for reading.






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