Subjective Funny Facts!

Hello there.

The last time I wrote, I shared a couple of videos which I hope that you enjoyed. So today I want to stay with the light-hearted.

The internet is full of humorous and interesting information, which I would never be able to cover in one blog. Instead, I have listed websites which cover:

‘Funny’ signs,’facts’ and ‘funny facts.’

I decided to include five different websites, so that should you feel the need to laugh or feed your brain something different, you have a good choice of where to look.

Of course humour is subjective, see…/subjective-humo.html

I guess what we find interesting is also subjective. If you don’t find the signs funny, then hopefully you will think that the information is interesting.

Funny signs…/best-funniest-spelling-grammarmistakes


Funny Facts

Please note that some of the information/facts may overlap from site to site and remember that  I cannot vouch for all the content, offence is subjective!

Well, hope you either smiled or pondered.

Take care



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