Let the Train Take the Strain- Part One

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In the good old days, we were told ‘Let the Train, Take the Strain’ encouraging road users to travel by train instead.

These days we live in an increasingly fast paced technological world, where more and more commuters are using their train journeys as an extension of their office routine, with phone calls and skype meetings. Some business travellers will catch up on work with their laptops while they travel to work or meetings.

According to an article in The Telegraph from 2011:

‘The number of passengers travelling by train has reached its highest level for nearly 90 years as commuters leave their cars at home because of soaring petrol prices.’

The paper’s transport Editor David Millward, goes on to say:

‘According to the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) there were 1.32 billion journeys in 2010, a rise of 37 per cent compared with 2000.’

For more stats, you can take a look at the 2011 Census, see, http://www.ons.gov.uk › Home › Media Centre.

It is no surprise then that many of the larger rail companies have updated their trains to ensure that business travellers are catered for.

Companies like Chiltern Railway whose mainline route runs from London Marylebone to Birmingham upgraded their trains a few years ago and according to their website www.chilternrailways.co.uk/:

‘Chiltern’s office on the move.  Use your travelling time productively with free WiFi, power and space to work.’


‘On our silver trains we also provide Business Zone. From just £10 one way you can upgrade to a quieter environment with wider seats and large tables for working, complimentary hot drinks and a dedicated Business Zone host, as well as the usual Mainline refinements, including free WiFi.’

East Midland trains whose route take you through Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby, East Midlands Parkway and Leicester – See http://www.eastmidlandstrains.co.uk/travelling-with-us/our-network/#London-Services. Their website says:

‘All London services are refurbished and have First Class carriages, where we offer complimentary refreshments and at-seat dining during the week. WiFi is available on all services to and from London, free for First Class passengers and from only £4 in Standard Class.’

Please join me again for Part Two.

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Subjective Funny Facts!

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The last time I wrote, I shared a couple of videos which I hope that you enjoyed. So today I want to stay with the light-hearted.

The internet is full of humorous and interesting information, which I would never be able to cover in one blog. Instead, I have listed websites which cover:

‘Funny’ signs,’facts’ and ‘funny facts.’

I decided to include five different websites, so that should you feel the need to laugh or feed your brain something different, you have a good choice of where to look.

Of course humour is subjective, see dilbertblog.typepad.com/the_dilbert_blog/2007/…/subjective-humo.html

I guess what we find interesting is also subjective. If you don’t find the signs funny, then hopefully you will think that the information is interesting.

Funny signs












Funny Facts






Please note that some of the information/facts may overlap from site to site and remember that  I cannot vouch for all the content, offence is subjective!

Well, hope you either smiled or pondered.

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Our videos speak for themselves!

Hello there and welcome to September!

If you are feeling a bit autumnal, wrap up, grab yourself a hot drink and relax as I share a bit of light relief in the form of two videos.

I thought this week I would give you a taste of what PM Noble Consultancy Services is all about.

These ‘blink and you’ll miss them’ videos which won’t be winning us any awards for cinematography, are meant to be fun; so allowing for some artistic licence you get the gist of what we do.

These videos as well as other promotional information can be found on our

website –

pmnobleconsultancy.com and remember you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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