Anniversary Review Part One

Hello there!

Welcome to the first of two special blogs to celebrate the first anniversary of PM Noble Consultancy Services.

 Quite simply put:

‘We are a local company offering a friendly reliable and flexible service, with competitive rates to small business-owners, professionals and students.’

Whilst there have been many changes in the World, PM Noble Consultancy Services remains passionate about serving locals, because:

‘Local is wherever you are!’

Here is the first section of the review with the help of Wikipedia, which will be continued in Part Two.

September 2014

The Scottish Referendum took place.

An Indian TV news anchor at public service broadcaster Doordarshan is fired after she referred to Chinese President Xi Jinping as ‘Eleven’ Jinping, apparently confusing Xi’s name with the Roman numerals XI. The Hindu.

October 2014

A cyber-attack against JPMorgan Chase and 9 other financial institutions that compromised over 83 million accounts is disclosed. The attack is considered one of the largest data breaches in history. Reuters.

Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa – A Spanish nurse becomes the first person to be infected with the Ebola Virus outside West Africa. New York Times.

Malala Yousafzai wins the Nobel Peace Prize 2014.

November 2014

One World Trade Center officially opens, replacing its predecessor 13 years after the September 11 attacks. Fox News.

The Bank of England fires Martin Mallett former chief foreign exchange dealer, due to evidence that he may have been complicit in market manipulation. The Telegraph.

The Church of England adopts legislation paving the way for the appointment of female bishops. BBC.

The Scottish Parliament elects Nicola Sturgeon as the first female First Minister of Scotland. The Scotsman.

December 2014

The deaths in Ferguson of Michael Brown and Eric Garner sparks demonstrations in NYC, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Miami, and Washington DC, where protesters perform die-ins. The New York Times,

An out-of-control dustbin lorry in the Queen Street and George Square areas of Glasgow, Scotland, kills at least six people. BBC.

January 2015

Charlie Hebdo Shooting – Gunmen attack the Paris office of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing twelve people and injuring ten. A 2011 issue had depicted a cartoon of the Islamic prophet Muhammed. BBC.

eBay announces plans to sell its PayPal business and fires 2,400 employees during 2015. CNBC.

American Express plans to cut more than 4,000 jobs. Reuters.

February 2015

NBC Nightly News anchorman Brian Williams was suspended from broadcasting after he was caught lying about having been on board a helicopter while it was under fire during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. AP.

Apple, Inc. becomes the first company in the world to close with a market capitalization over $700 billion. AP.

I hope that you enjoyed this quick review. Please join me for Part Two, where I will finish the review and let you know more about the business.

Until next time, have a good bank holiday weekend.



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