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We are more than half way through August and for some small business owners this can be a quiet time, as it is peak holiday season for their customers.

If your business is seasonal, and you are unable to rent or buy permanent business premises, then a temporary solution could be a pop up shop.

Pop up shops are big business and according the Metro (Monday August 17th) these type of shops:

‘raked in £2.3 billion across Britain last year.’ The article continues to say that:

‘temporary stores and restaurants employ about 26,000 people.’

We are Pop up, see https://www.wearepopup.com is a directory of available shop shares and spaces in the UK, USA, Europe and Hong Kong.

If I am honest until I read the Metro article, I was not aware that there were so many pop up temporary spaces around London, never mind the world! There range of prices are quite surprising too. Examples taken from the 39 pop up spaces in North London from We are Pop up, show prices ranging from £5 (in both Highbury and Islington) up to £3,000 for a shop share in Islington. So what do you get for your eye-watering £3k per day? The website says:

‘ABOUT THE PAPER SPACE …..a 327.5 Sq meter refurbished Georgian factory with a great aesthetic including a large glass- ceiling. The ground floor of the building can be used for anything from events, private parties, photography shoots, film shoots, launches, pop ups space (unfortunately we cannot rent out as practice space to bands or gigs). This space is wheelchair accessible.’

Coming back down to earth! If you want some useful tips from a panel of experts, see http://www.theguardian.com › … › Winning new business.

Stories from those who have actually traded successfully can be found in this article from The Telegraph, http://www.telegraph.co.uk › Finance › Personal Finance.

A local success story is Enterprise Enfield, who had their own pop up space earlier this year, see ` http://enterpriseenfield.org/news/index.php?action=detail&newsid=329 and an article from The Enfield Independent,  http://www.enfieldindependent.co.uk/news/10967081.Pop_up_shop_initiative to_open_in_February/.

The spaces were very reasonably priced at £20.00 for the week, to encourage local entrepreneurs to test the market with their products. For details of future pop up spaces check Enterprise Enfield’s website regularly, or drop in to the Enfield Business Centre and make enquiries.

A pop up space that I did know about, is Boxpark in Shoreditch. Anyone who regularly travels along the Bethnal Green Road, cannot fail to see the row of striking shipping containers which are temporary homes to all sorts of businesses. See http://www.boxpark.co.uk.

I hope this has made you want to get out there, find yourself a pop up space and start trading!

Take care,



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