Free advice anyone?

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In the good old days those who wanted to start a business or become self- employed had to go through ‘trial and error.’ They were brave enough to try out their ideas and tested the market. This is great, as long as it does not involve losing a lot of money in the process. There is now help at hand for those who are less adventurous, with advice at the click of a mouse!

As well as websites, webinars, and videos, there are of course a great deal of books on the market.

If you type ‘business’ into your internet search engine, you get About 914,000,000 results come up. This should tell you, just how much information there is out there and that ‘business’ is big business.

If we narrow the search to ‘small business’, there is still a huge amount of information available. I think that a good place to start is to see has a great amount of information covering a variety of areas, for example- car tax, benefits, crime, housing (just to name a few) and has a clear section on business. It gives a breakdown of types of businesses and the legalities behind them.

Another place to find a good range of information is You Tube. Their videos cover everything that you are likely to want to know, and stuff that you don’t!

HMRC, who offer advice on tax matters and host webinars, have their own channel on You Tube. The videos are very simple and get the message across easily. Should you wish to have up to date relevant information emailed to you, then you can sign up for this, when you register yourself for self –assessment. You sign in through the website.

For general information and enlightening articles see,, where you will find articles and videos with tips from those who are at the top for their game through to those who are just starting out.

I have found the articles on to be thought-provoking and informative. A bonus that I mentioned in a previous blog was that since joining The Guardian Small Business Network, and signing up for their regular emails, my online presence has become more visible.

Like BBC News, The Guardian, see covers a plethora of topics concerning business.

If you are still unsure as to where to seek advice, then check out, which is running across the internet, radio and television from the 31st of August through to the 6th of September. They say that their aim is to offer ’empowerment through advice.’

Well, I hope that you feel ‘empowered’ to gain even more knowledge about business, to help you grow your business.

Take care,



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