Work, life, where is the balance? Part One

Hi there!

Well, it is still August and there are some of us who are still slaving over a hot laptop- blogging away! This is an enjoyable part of my work, however as a small business person, I am all too aware that running your own business can be tiring, stressful and at times frustrating.

According to an article by Jack Torrance- Entrepreneurs work 63% longer than average workers, see

He writes,

‘Nobody ever became an entrepreneur so they could avoid working hard. Running your own business stretches anybody’s work-life balance to the absolute limit.’

Torrance goes on to quote Ed Reeves, co-founder of Penelope who says

“These results show the hard work and dedication being invested by micro business owners. Being the owner and operator of a micro business means taking on multiple roles and being everything to every customer.”

This is so true of a start-up business, having hardly any funds, you tend to do a great deal yourself.

Of course this struggle with work-life balance does not only effect business people, most people who have families and full time jobs can identify with this.

A website which gives practical advice about this is, › Help & Information › Mental Health AZ and for articles relating to this subject see, The Guardian-              

I do not have the solution and anyone who finds this will be a very rich person, so in the meantime, I will let you know how I currently ‘treat’ myself and how I plan to, over the coming weeks/months.

When winter comes, with its long dark days and coldness and all we want to do is hibernate, I will re-visit this topic with helpful hints.

So now, what do I do to tip the scales over from work to life?:

1.We are mind, body and soul, so the first thing I address is my mind and soul with prayer and worship through practising my faith. There are places you can go to, to take time out from the busy-ness and business of life, whether for one day or one week. A search on the internet brings up all sorts of retreats, with varying prices and in various locations. You could start with A Christian retreat which I plan to visit soon is Mulberry House Pastoral Centre, see

2. If like me you count your pennies carefully, then a free option is just to take a day off and walk around the lovely museums and galleries dotted across London and further afield. It may not be ‘away’ but it is away from business. It allows your mind to be immersed in something else other than sales and marketing. Have a look at The Guardian’s great article on › Travel › Day trips for ideas of where to visit in the UK. Also see,

For the rest of my ‘treat’ list join me again on Wednesday.

Take care, until next time,



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