What’s all the Hub-abaloo?


Hi there.

This week I have decided to put my ‘office’ hat on, and talk about work space and work hubs.

I started to think about work spaces and working from home after I read an article by The Guardian Small Business Network, called, Can business hubs give entrepreneurs a head start? See http://www.theguardian.com/small-business-network.

If you have not heard of them, The Guardian Small Business Network, is an online network which produces news, views and articles geared towards small businesses. They send newsletters to those who sign up to the group. I have found the articles to be interesting and informative and I have noticed that my company’s online presence has increased since subscribing.

Now back to the matter in hand, work spaces; the work hubs mentioned in the above article appear to be quite specialised, however this does not take away from the importance of what these…

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