Anniversary Review Part Two

1st birthdayHI there!

Happy 1st Anniversary to PM Noble Consultancy Services!

In Part One, we shared world events which were happening during the first six months of the business. So now, continuing along the same line with the help of Wikipedia:

March 2015

The UK’s National Crime Agency arrests a man in connection with a June 15, 2014 cyber attack on the messaging service used by employees at the U.S. Department of Defense. AP Bloomberg

The family of soul music singer Marvin Gaye wins a $7.3 million lawsuit for copyright infringement against Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I. stating that their hit ‘Blurred Lines’ sounded like Gaye’s ‘Got to Give It up.’ Rolling Stone

Jeremy Clarkson, one of the three presenters for the television program Top Gear is sacked. BBC

April 2015

An American sailor who was lost for 66 days in the Atlantic Ocean is found by a German tanker. He survived on a diet of solely raw fish and rainwater. (BBC) (CTV news) (Yahoo news)

May 2015

It is announced that the daughter of the Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has been named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, named after her grandfather, grandmother, and great grandmother. (News Limited)

Blues legend B.B. King dies at the age of 89. (BBC)

The inflation rate in the United Kingdom goes to -0.1 in April, marking the first time since 1960 it has been negative. (BBC)

British Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton signs a three year contract with the German constructors Mercedes AMG. (CNN)

June 2015

After a poor 1st quarter earnings report, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo steps down with co-founder Jack Dorsey taking over as interim CEO effective July 1. (USA Today)

Rupert Murdoch will step aside as CEO of 21st Century Fox to be replaced by his son James Murdoch. (AFP via ABC Online

A robot kills a man, who was a contractor, at a Volkswagen production plant in Baunatal, Germany, which is about 100 kilometers (62 miles) south of Frankfurt, Germany. Spokesman Heiko Hillwig said the 22-year-old victim was part of a team that was setting up the robot when it grabbed and crushed him against a metal plate. The death was preliminarily attributed to human error, rather than any issue with the robot itself; prosecutors are contemplating whether to charge anybody. (MSN)

On Wednesday 17 June nine people were shot dead during a bible study group at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church. (The Guardian)

July 2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown, age 22, daughter of American entertainer Whitney Houston and heiress to the Houston estate, dies approximately 6 months after having been put in a medically induced coma since being found face-down in a bathtub in her Roswell, Georgia home near Atlanta on January 31, 2015. (CNN), (MSN)

Barack Obama is the first US president to speak in front of the African Union (AU). He encourages the world to strengthen economic ties with the continent, but also criticises the lack of democracy. (WSJ)

August 2015

American news satire program The Daily Show airs its last broadcast with comedian Jon Stewart as host. (The New Yorker)

Many people throughout the world commemorate the 70th anniversary of the dropping of an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. (Reuters via Melbourne Age)

Britain and Iran reopen embassies in their respective capitals that had been closed after Iranian protesters stormed the British embassy on November 29, 2011. (Reuters)

In a previous blog about work-life balance and I mentioned that faith is important to helping with that work-life balance, so I thank the Lord that He has enabled me to do what I do, and celebrate a year in business. I will be looking at Faith in Business in a future blog; addressing whether it is a taboo subject and who are the main players in the Christians in business sector?

Now, I don’t want to start gushing like Gwyneth, but I do think that it’s right to acknowledge the support that I have had from family, friends and organisations – Livability Enterprise and Enterprise Enfield. I also appreciate my clients, past and present for their belief in PM Noble Consultancy Services and the work we carry out for them.

Special thanks to Geoff Folkes and Kyri Photiou for their support and thanks to my fellow hub users -InterAction Group at the LetsGo! Business Hub.

It’s been an interesting and enlightening year, I look forward to many more!

Take Care



Anniversary Review Part One

Hello there!

Welcome to the first of two special blogs to celebrate the first anniversary of PM Noble Consultancy Services.

 Quite simply put:

‘We are a local company offering a friendly reliable and flexible service, with competitive rates to small business-owners, professionals and students.’

Whilst there have been many changes in the World, PM Noble Consultancy Services remains passionate about serving locals, because:

‘Local is wherever you are!’

Here is the first section of the review with the help of Wikipedia, which will be continued in Part Two.

September 2014

The Scottish Referendum took place.

An Indian TV news anchor at public service broadcaster Doordarshan is fired after she referred to Chinese President Xi Jinping as ‘Eleven’ Jinping, apparently confusing Xi’s name with the Roman numerals XI. The Hindu.

October 2014

A cyber-attack against JPMorgan Chase and 9 other financial institutions that compromised over 83 million accounts is disclosed. The attack is considered one of the largest data breaches in history. Reuters.

Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa – A Spanish nurse becomes the first person to be infected with the Ebola Virus outside West Africa. New York Times.

Malala Yousafzai wins the Nobel Peace Prize 2014.

November 2014

One World Trade Center officially opens, replacing its predecessor 13 years after the September 11 attacks. Fox News.

The Bank of England fires Martin Mallett former chief foreign exchange dealer, due to evidence that he may have been complicit in market manipulation. The Telegraph.

The Church of England adopts legislation paving the way for the appointment of female bishops. BBC.

The Scottish Parliament elects Nicola Sturgeon as the first female First Minister of Scotland. The Scotsman.

December 2014

The deaths in Ferguson of Michael Brown and Eric Garner sparks demonstrations in NYC, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Miami, and Washington DC, where protesters perform die-ins. The New York Times,

An out-of-control dustbin lorry in the Queen Street and George Square areas of Glasgow, Scotland, kills at least six people. BBC.

January 2015

Charlie Hebdo Shooting – Gunmen attack the Paris office of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing twelve people and injuring ten. A 2011 issue had depicted a cartoon of the Islamic prophet Muhammed. BBC.

eBay announces plans to sell its PayPal business and fires 2,400 employees during 2015. CNBC.

American Express plans to cut more than 4,000 jobs. Reuters.

February 2015

NBC Nightly News anchorman Brian Williams was suspended from broadcasting after he was caught lying about having been on board a helicopter while it was under fire during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. AP.

Apple, Inc. becomes the first company in the world to close with a market capitalization over $700 billion. AP.

I hope that you enjoyed this quick review. Please join me for Part Two, where I will finish the review and let you know more about the business.

Until next time, have a good bank holiday weekend.



Hi there!

We are more than half way through August and for some small business owners this can be a quiet time, as it is peak holiday season for their customers.

If your business is seasonal, and you are unable to rent or buy permanent business premises, then a temporary solution could be a pop up shop.

Pop up shops are big business and according the Metro (Monday August 17th) these type of shops:

‘raked in £2.3 billion across Britain last year.’ The article continues to say that:

‘temporary stores and restaurants employ about 26,000 people.’

We are Pop up, see is a directory of available shop shares and spaces in the UK, USA, Europe and Hong Kong.

If I am honest until I read the Metro article, I was not aware that there were so many pop up temporary spaces around London, never mind the world! There range of prices are quite surprising too. Examples taken from the 39 pop up spaces in North London from We are Pop up, show prices ranging from £5 (in both Highbury and Islington) up to £3,000 for a shop share in Islington. So what do you get for your eye-watering £3k per day? The website says:

‘ABOUT THE PAPER SPACE …..a 327.5 Sq meter refurbished Georgian factory with a great aesthetic including a large glass- ceiling. The ground floor of the building can be used for anything from events, private parties, photography shoots, film shoots, launches, pop ups space (unfortunately we cannot rent out as practice space to bands or gigs). This space is wheelchair accessible.’

Coming back down to earth! If you want some useful tips from a panel of experts, see › … › Winning new business.

Stories from those who have actually traded successfully can be found in this article from The Telegraph, › Finance › Personal Finance.

A local success story is Enterprise Enfield, who had their own pop up space earlier this year, see ` and an article from The Enfield Independent, to_open_in_February/.

The spaces were very reasonably priced at £20.00 for the week, to encourage local entrepreneurs to test the market with their products. For details of future pop up spaces check Enterprise Enfield’s website regularly, or drop in to the Enfield Business Centre and make enquiries.

A pop up space that I did know about, is Boxpark in Shoreditch. Anyone who regularly travels along the Bethnal Green Road, cannot fail to see the row of striking shipping containers which are temporary homes to all sorts of businesses. See

I hope this has made you want to get out there, find yourself a pop up space and start trading!

Take care,


Free advice anyone?

Hi there,

In the good old days those who wanted to start a business or become self- employed had to go through ‘trial and error.’ They were brave enough to try out their ideas and tested the market. This is great, as long as it does not involve losing a lot of money in the process. There is now help at hand for those who are less adventurous, with advice at the click of a mouse!

As well as websites, webinars, and videos, there are of course a great deal of books on the market.

If you type ‘business’ into your internet search engine, you get About 914,000,000 results come up. This should tell you, just how much information there is out there and that ‘business’ is big business.

If we narrow the search to ‘small business’, there is still a huge amount of information available. I think that a good place to start is to see has a great amount of information covering a variety of areas, for example- car tax, benefits, crime, housing (just to name a few) and has a clear section on business. It gives a breakdown of types of businesses and the legalities behind them.

Another place to find a good range of information is You Tube. Their videos cover everything that you are likely to want to know, and stuff that you don’t!

HMRC, who offer advice on tax matters and host webinars, have their own channel on You Tube. The videos are very simple and get the message across easily. Should you wish to have up to date relevant information emailed to you, then you can sign up for this, when you register yourself for self –assessment. You sign in through the website.

For general information and enlightening articles see,, where you will find articles and videos with tips from those who are at the top for their game through to those who are just starting out.

I have found the articles on to be thought-provoking and informative. A bonus that I mentioned in a previous blog was that since joining The Guardian Small Business Network, and signing up for their regular emails, my online presence has become more visible.

Like BBC News, The Guardian, see covers a plethora of topics concerning business.

If you are still unsure as to where to seek advice, then check out, which is running across the internet, radio and television from the 31st of August through to the 6th of September. They say that their aim is to offer ’empowerment through advice.’

Well, I hope that you feel ‘empowered’ to gain even more knowledge about business, to help you grow your business.

Take care,


Work, Life, where is the balance? Part Two

Hello there!

Jumping straight back in where I left off, on Saturday, here is the rest of my ‘treat’ list.

  1. If the first two suggestions aren’t your cup of tea, then how about a relaxing beauty treatment? Check out the friendly ladies at North London based Alternatives Hair and Beauty, see Again if you are watching the pennies, then keep an eye out for special offers. Anyone who is on Twitter will already be aware that I visit Alternatives and am more than happy with the service I receive.
  2. Going for walks, obviously benefits us in many ways, see The City of London’s website, or Visit London’s website,
  3. Enrolling on courses – residential and non- residential may seem like work. However depending on the course, a short summer course or one over a few terms,  can benefit your mind/body/soul and your business. If you think about it, if you are happy, then you become more productive. Maybe instead of going for a course that relates to your work, how about choosing a course for something that you have always wanted to do. See, for inspiration. Remember to look back at the blogs- Free Can be Fantastic parts one and two about free courses. I plan to study with Fircroft College, see This is a supportive specialist, mostly residential college whose course range covers subjects for those who have been out of education for a while, through to clients who need management and coaching qualifications. They work closely with the voluntary sector.
  1.  Speaking of voluntary work, this can be extremely therapeutic. We spend a great deal of time trying to make a living, when we could make a life. Little changes can make our own lives better, and the lives of those around us. I am always checking out for volunteering ideas, See I have recently chosen to work with Mencap.

Although I used the word ‘treat’ to talk about giving myself a reward for my hard work, in the end it is how we treat (look after) ourselves that count towards having a good work life balance. Following the practical tips suggested in the Mental Health Guide and finding our own way of switching off, can only be a good thing. The suggestions I have made may not appeal to you, but hopefully they have inspired you to not only think about the work- life balance, and actually do something about it.

Take Care,


What’s all the Hub-abaloo?


Hi there.

This week I have decided to put my ‘office’ hat on, and talk about work space and work hubs.

I started to think about work spaces and working from home after I read an article by The Guardian Small Business Network, called, Can business hubs give entrepreneurs a head start? See

If you have not heard of them, The Guardian Small Business Network, is an online network which produces news, views and articles geared towards small businesses. They send newsletters to those who sign up to the group. I have found the articles to be interesting and informative and I have noticed that my company’s online presence has increased since subscribing.

Now back to the matter in hand, work spaces; the work hubs mentioned in the above article appear to be quite specialised, however this does not take away from the importance of what these…

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Work, life, where is the balance? Part One

Hi there!

Well, it is still August and there are some of us who are still slaving over a hot laptop- blogging away! This is an enjoyable part of my work, however as a small business person, I am all too aware that running your own business can be tiring, stressful and at times frustrating.

According to an article by Jack Torrance- Entrepreneurs work 63% longer than average workers, see

He writes,

‘Nobody ever became an entrepreneur so they could avoid working hard. Running your own business stretches anybody’s work-life balance to the absolute limit.’

Torrance goes on to quote Ed Reeves, co-founder of Penelope who says

“These results show the hard work and dedication being invested by micro business owners. Being the owner and operator of a micro business means taking on multiple roles and being everything to every customer.”

This is so true of a start-up business, having hardly any funds, you tend to do a great deal yourself.

Of course this struggle with work-life balance does not only effect business people, most people who have families and full time jobs can identify with this.

A website which gives practical advice about this is, › Help & Information › Mental Health AZ and for articles relating to this subject see, The Guardian-              

I do not have the solution and anyone who finds this will be a very rich person, so in the meantime, I will let you know how I currently ‘treat’ myself and how I plan to, over the coming weeks/months.

When winter comes, with its long dark days and coldness and all we want to do is hibernate, I will re-visit this topic with helpful hints.

So now, what do I do to tip the scales over from work to life?:

1.We are mind, body and soul, so the first thing I address is my mind and soul with prayer and worship through practising my faith. There are places you can go to, to take time out from the busy-ness and business of life, whether for one day or one week. A search on the internet brings up all sorts of retreats, with varying prices and in various locations. You could start with A Christian retreat which I plan to visit soon is Mulberry House Pastoral Centre, see

2. If like me you count your pennies carefully, then a free option is just to take a day off and walk around the lovely museums and galleries dotted across London and further afield. It may not be ‘away’ but it is away from business. It allows your mind to be immersed in something else other than sales and marketing. Have a look at The Guardian’s great article on › Travel › Day trips for ideas of where to visit in the UK. Also see,

For the rest of my ‘treat’ list join me again on Wednesday.

Take care, until next time,