Grey Matters! Part Two

Hello there,

Continuing with the theme of quality material, the examples that I am discussing are those which I have used, but of course you are going to have your own preferences.

I must stress that whilst I personally prefer to read certain books and newspapers, this is not to say that you will not learn or gain anything from other forms of media. What I refer to as quality, may not be seen as such to others.

The newspapers which I find to have fair and unbiased articles are The Guardian, and The Independent. I read both on the internet and I follow both on Twitter.

See, The Guardian, and The Guardian@guardian

The Independent, and The Independent@independent

I watch, read online articles and again follow BBC News, as I think they cover a broad range of National and International news.

See and BBC Breaking news@ BBC Breaking.

Recently I read Me Before You, a superbly written book by Jojo Moyes, which made me laugh and cry.

Why am I telling you this? Well, Jojo Moyes is an excellent writer and I have read a few of her novels, but this is one of my favourites. As a talented writer, she uses a good range of words and while I enjoyed her book for the well-crafted storyline, I also gained a new vocabulary with the words that I had to look up in my dictionary.

As an avid reader, I buy and borrow books all the time, and try to make a note of all words that are new to me and as I previously mentioned, I have a separate note book of new words, with their meanings.

I have a kindle and this a handy gadget as you are able to make notes whilst you read the books that you have stored in your device. Considering you can store over a thousand books on the Kindle, there could potentially be a great deal of notes too. Of course this is dependent on the quality of the books that you have downloaded in the first place.

If you are not a native English speaker, reading all sorts of newspapers, magazines and books will undoubtedly help to improve your English. There may come a point though, when you will want to move on in your reading and challenge yourself a bit more.

With so much access to books, whether the library, charity bookshops or via online stores, there has never been a better time to get reading.

If you are unsure as to what you should be reading, you could try Goodreads. This great website has quizzes, trivia, quotes from well-known thinkers and writers and of course book reviews. It lists all genres, and when you click on your chosen link, it brings up New Releases, Giveaways, Most Read, Lists and Popular. You really are spoilt for choice. See

I hope that this has inspired you to get out and start reading even more!

Take care,



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