University Grammar Challenge!

Hi there,

Welcome to July!

Whilst many will be winding down and looking forward to their summer holidays, with not much thought given to English Grammar, it is still important that we all continue to have access to any material available.

There will be future students who have already checked out universities and their websites. These sites are not just useful for students but for anyone who has ever felt unsure of whether something they had written was grammatically correct.

As I always point out, I cannot vouch for the information that is contained in these websites, so all I would say is, have a look for yourself and cross-check the information against other websites.

These blogs are in no way exhaustive of everything available, nor are they the authority on all things Grammar. I like to think that I am giving you a taster, which will then inspire you to look at what is out there.

Last week I mentioned that I would be telling you about the different university websites and their English Grammar sections. There are over 100 universities in the UK, so I could not possibly list them all, along with their English Grammar resources, so I have just listed a few.

A really good site that I discovered recently was from The faculty of Arts at Bristol University, check here

I found the Improve your writing section to be well designed and thorough. It breaks down the components of English Grammar so that the reader is able to identify and correct grammatical errors. As well as explanations, there are exercises to reinforce any examples used. This site has become one of my favourites, as it has excellent content, and is easy to use.

The next site is from University College London and is called The Internet Grammar of English. This free site is quite basic in the way that it looks. It does, however, have everything you need and is straight-forward with its navigation. There is even an app for mobile phones so you can have grammar on the move. See  ULC.

The University of Reading has a study advice page on Grammar.   This is a useful website for two reasons.

Firstly it consists of one page which is easy enough to use and breaks down the article into helpful sections.

Secondly, at the end of the article, there is a section which includes related subjects and where they can be found. It mentions other universities too. All the information contained on this site is downloadable.

I hope that you have found the information useful. Please feel free to make suggestions regarding which English Grammar subjects you would like me to cover in future blogs.

Take care,



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