Come on mistakes!

Hello there!

Where do I begin?

I recently read an advert trying to get the attention of women, and it said ‘Common ladies…’. This made me laugh, as I am not sure how many people would respond to the advertisement, after being called common instead of being summoned to ‘come on’ and join whatever the advert was asking them to.

I have not seen this before, but there are many more grammatical errors out there. Today I will focus on where to seek help.

When you type ‘Grammar mistakes’ into your search engine, you receive thousands of results for common errors. With so many resources to hand, why do people still make the same mistake over and over again?

Some websites will give you examples of which words seem to appear all the time while other sites will actually try to educate you about each word so that you will hopefully avoid the mistake again in the future. The first example of one such website is:

14 Common Grammatical Mistakes in English – And How to Avoid Them by Oxford Royale Academy, see…/15-common-grammar-gripes-avoid.

This website gives you do’s and don’ts for the most common words or phrases.

Another website which I have found to be useful at explaining words and how to remember when to use a particular word is I like the fact that the website is laid out in such a clear way. It may be aimed at people who want to learn English as the title suggests, but anyone at any level can learn from this website.

When I typed ‘Grammar mistakes’ on Twitter, several articles appeared advising me that even professionals make common mistakes. We all make mistakes, and should not be embarrassed to seek clarity on whatever we have written.

During my research, I have come across quite a few universities that post English Grammar articles. These are really good, and I recently found

This website is for Washington State University, so I would advise you to be mindful of the American English usage with some of the words.

A great site that I used recently was from the University of Bristol. See This particular page has a good range of exercises to help students improve their grammar and includes a section on common mistakes.

In my next blog, I will go into more detail about university websites and how they can help everyone and not just students.

Hope that you now feel inspired to have a look at all the resources available that help to improve English Grammar.

Remember there is always help available through the contact form on


Take care,



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