Mnemonics…or Mne what?

Hi there!

I had it all planned. I was going to share my words of wisdom about mnemonics. I will still put my half penny worth in, but I may as well start with some expert help.

If you don’t know what mnemonics are, then have a look at the definition according to,

‘In general, a mnemonic (from Greek mnemon or mindful; pronounced neh-MAHN-ik ) is a memory aid, such as an abbreviation, rhyme or mental image that helps to remember something. The technique of developing these remembering devices is called “mnemonics.” Mnemonics can be used to remember phone numbers, all your new department colleagues’ names or the years of the reigns of the Kings and Queens of England. A number of approaches are used.’

At school, I remember being given just the start of a mnemonic for the word beautiful –

Bad Eggs Are Useless. It clearly works, as I have always remembered that phrase when spelling the word.

There are loads of great websites which will give you pointers on how to start your own group of mnemonics. gives a different kind of definition and examples while (a community-based website which  tackles all sorts of issues) gives their example of beautiful in acronym form.

If you cannot be bothered to look at the internet to get ideas, pick up a copy of Letts Make it easy English for 10-11-year-olds. This book has fantastic examples and exercises to test young minds, and their section on mnemonics is no different. Whatever your age you will benefit from these types of books, as they are really clever at breaking down all aspects of English Grammar.

When you start to write mnemonics yourself, it is as easy as A-B-C.

Acquire – All Cows Question Uniforms In Real Events

Amateur – A Mighty Army Turns Everyone Underwear Red

Believe – Brown Elephants Live In Eastern Village End

Category – Can All Tigers Eat Grapes Or Raise Yeast

So there you go, you know how to remember words, by making up silly sentences, even if you don’t know how to pronounce what this process is called. Oh, and why not use acronyms for Mnemonics too?

Mnemonics -Most Neighbours Empty Marshmallows On Nice Ice Cream Sundaes

Thanks for reading.



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