Mother’s Day Poetry

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Hi there.

This week I thought I would put together some poetry of various styles to celebrate Mother’s Day in the UK tomorrow.

To start with I decided to include a poem by Victorian English writer Christina Rosetti.  Although written for her mother’s birthday, I have included this work as I think the sentiments apply to Mother’s Day. You can read more about Her Life here.

My next choice is  A Mother’s Day Poem by the poet and author  Ms Moem, who writes personalised poetry for all occasions.   She is a new find from YouTube, but I love what she does. Check her website

I hope she doesn’t mind, but for my third choice, I have used a couple of lines from a poem by Vernette John -Joiles which I think is perfect as we celebrate all women,  who  (as mother-figures) have impacted the lives of many others especially other women. In Woman Know Your Worth, from the book Love Needs No Occasion, the talented author and poet writes:

When you know your worth,

You don’t live carelessly,

You walk and carry yourself respectfully,

Mindful of your Creator and abase yourself reverently,

You give honour and esteem to whom it is due easily,

You take care of your fellow woman selflessly,

And speak peace and wisdom calmly,

You desire to love and share fully,

Woman know your worth.

My next choice is To My Mother by Robert Louis Stevenson. As a Scottish novelist and poet Stevenson has written many works but is best known for  Treasure Island.  For more about his life and works, check the RLS website.

For my last choice, I have gone across the pond for a playwright, activist and poet. The Negro Mother by Langston Hughes is a powerful poem which exemplifies the struggles and strength of a mother during a transitional period in African -American history. For some facts and figures about Hughes life, here is Britannica’s Bio.

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s blog.

Happy Mother’s Day to all women, because you probably don’t realise how much you have done for others and how appreciated you are!

Take care,


P.S Apparently you are never too young to start on your poetry journey and 1f you are eagle-eyed you may be able to see who wrote the Mother’s Day ditty. The One in a  million refers to a poem published in the Daily Star (below) back in 1983!

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The Five Ws of Blogging!

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Hi there.

This week I thought I would mention blogging and share some points raised in a social media workshop led by Sara Carter, a brilliant marketing advisor at Enterprise Enfield. The workshop was part of their Inspiring Women programme. Check the website for the eligibility criteria.

So, now back to the Five Ws and the One H What?, Why?, How?, Who? and When?

What is a blog and What should you post?

Here’s a simple YouTube video called What is a Blog?  which as the title suggest tells you what a blog is, in straightforward language.

Here are some of the ideas that came out of the workshop:

It is like ‘an informal newspaper’ which,’ helps you tell your story’ and it allows you to ‘share your life story with the world.’

It records ‘day to day activities’ and it is about ‘writing stories which point to the business.’

Need more definitions? Here are some links:

Blog Basics



What you should post depends on your target audience. but generally speaking, your posts should educate (train/guide etc) or inform (give them information that they find useful and which solves a problem).

Next on the agenda, Why you need to blog!

More ideas from the group:

Blogging ‘informs’ and ‘gets your ideas across,’ and ‘helps you to engage with an audience in a personal informal way.’ This should lead to increasing ‘your online presence.’

Okay to sum up. You should blog as this…

Helps to drive traffic to your website

Helps to establish your credibility and authority in your area of expertise

Helps to increase your SEO

Helps you to interact with and establish relationships with customers

Now. How to start a blog.

Here are a couple or videos which I think are quite helpful. They are How to Start a blog and get noticed and Blogging Tips.  If you need a step by step guide, check the Beginners Guide to Blogging and WikiHow to start a blog.

With all this information, there is no excuse for you to put off starting a blog.  Once you have looked at all your options and you start to plan your blog posts, you need to ask Who are the big players in blogging and Who are your target?

If you want to see what impressive blogs look like, check these Top blogs.

Only you are going to know who your audience are and who you ultimately want to sell your product or service to.  This is where you should ask yourself some more questions. Which sites and platforms do your customers use?  What content is likely to appeal to them? If you need more ideas, check what your competitors are doing.   If you want to research a good range of blogs try Hubspot, Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, PM Noble Writes, Seth Godin, Mashable and Lifehacker.

Last, but by no means least, When should you post? By this, I am referring to when during the day and over which period of time. For example, weekly or monthly?

You will find that there are quite a few sites with conflicting information because like with most things in life, one size does not fit all. The time of day that you post any social media depends on the target audience. It can be trial and error so try different times of the day. Whatever you decide, make sure that you post regularly. If you are going to post once a month, then do so; that way you will maintain consistency with your customers and they will take you more seriously.

If you need any more advice or information on Blogging, Social Media or Website Content get in touch via the website Remember you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

Happy Blogging!

Take care,


Mind Matters?

Untitled design (2)Hello there,

This week I thought I would mention a subject which I feel relates to these blogs Grey Matters Part One and Grey Matters Part Two, which were written a year ago.

In the series, I wrote about the human brain not the biological Grey matter, but why it is important to keep your mind active by reading and listening to quality material. Hint –  Reading really interesting blogs help.

What do you think?  Does it matter what you feed your mind, as long as it doesn’t starve?

Okay, so, first of all, let me start with the benefits of reading. A Mail Online article asks Can a good book help beat depression? in which Eleanor Harding quotes Debbie Hicks, the director of research at the Reading Agency, who says:

‘Reading is a really good stress-buster. It can help you escape to another world and get you out of your everyday life.’

Another article which quotes the Reading Agency is from the Independent which states that Reading improves relationships and reduces depression symptoms.

Now, let’s move on to music. In another Independent article How music could help you concentrate while studying. The studies are not really very conclusive so, Max Baker sums  up the piece with:

‘…what a student can take from research is that using music to create an environment yourself is conducive towards the task that you wish to complete.’

Any other benefits? Kendall Deflin of Live fo Live Music think so and gives  10 Positive benefits of listening to music according to science.

I still think that quality matters in reading material when you are trying to improve your grammar and general English language skills. However, as the articles highlight, the music you choose determines the outcome you would like. So as always, don’t take my word for it, do your own research. You are the best person to decide what works best for you.

Take care,




International Women’s Day 2017!



Hi there.

Wednesday the 8th of March is International Women’s Day, and as with previous years, this blog will make mention of the celebration of females everywhere.

Not sure about what IWD is or how it came about? Check the website here What is IWD all about?

According to

‘International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.’

If you missed my previous blogs about IWD, then take a peek here In Celebration of Women Part One! and In Celebration of Women Part Two!

A film which I believe captures the spirit of International Women’s Day is Hidden Figures. If you haven’t seen it yet, I cannot recommend it enough. It is a powerful and empowering film about three super talented African-American women Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, who worked at NASA and were instrumental in the successful the launch of the astronaut John Glenn into orbit in 1962.

You can get a flavour of the film here  Trailer for Hidden Figures.  Now with all films, there is always some poetic licence so to read the story behind the film, check The Real Hidden Figures and Real Versus Hollywood.

If you are looking for your own motivation and empowerment, you don’t have to look too far. The brilliant Enterprise Enfield offer advice and run courses all the time. If you are a female and have a start -up business, you may be interested in the Inspiring Women Programme. For more information and the criteria to join the programme, check here Inspiring Women.

Who are your inspirational women? Whose achievements will you be celebrating on International Women’s Day? Get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

Take care.





Testing times ahead!


Hello there.

Here is something a bit different this week.

As many young people start to revise for their GCSEs, I thought I would put you through your paces and test your general and education-related knowledge.

First round! These are questions which relate to education stories from 2016 –

Take this Guardian Education quiz

Next round! This will really get your brain working! I got 50% correct. See if you can do a bit better!

Telegraph 11+ article and quiz

Third round! For all those good with numbers take these Maths quizzes from the Guardian,

Are you smarter than a 16 year old?

and another from the Telegraph.

Could you pass GCSE Maths?

Last round! A hard general knowledge quiz, which has made me realise that I need to go back to school!

Buzz Feed General Knowledge Quiz


I hope that you enjoyed these brainteasers. I don’t know about you, but I’m grateful that I’m not sitting exams right now.

How did you get on?

Have you ever thought about helping a young person with their revision? If you don’t already and feel you have the time and temperament to help a student in secondary education, why not get in touch with Action Tutoring. They are always looking for volunteer tutors to support young people. It is a rewarding experience.

Well, thanks for reading.

Take care,





In the News!




Hi, there.

This week I thought I would do a quick rundown of some sources of news articles which I feel are relevant to business people -start-ups, the self-employed and SMEs.

Without sounding patronising, I am sure that as business people, we are all too aware of the need to be in the news, in other words, be in the know about what is happening both locally and globally.


So, what is the best way to keep up with business news?

As a busy business person trying to do everything yourself, it is not always easy to keep up with the news, so for many their first port of call would either be Facebook or Twitter due to the fast pace at which articles turn over. Google+ is another interesting source and of course, the go-to place for professionals is LinkedIn. The quality of news you receive depends on who you are following and in light of the fake news revelations, it is probably a good idea to check a number of difference sources as backup.

Many social media sources will lead you to the top business news websites, but you could just subscribe to them, and cut out the middle-man so to speak.

So, who are the movers and shakers in the new business world?

There are of course many reputable new agencies and websites, but here are just a few:


Business Insider UK

Time Magazine

The Independent

BBC News

Business News Daily

The Guardian

The Telegraph

If you don’t agree with my list that is fine as it is not supposed to be definitive just a place to start.

Do you have a favourite news source? Let me know on Twitter @PMNobleConsult.

Take care,