What is the best advice?

It is nearly the end of May and for many small business owners there is still an air of uncertainty surrounding their lives and business.

With many unanswered questions and information overload, what is the best advice? How can you ensure that your business survives and grows during this difficult time?

Here are some points to think about.

New staff

It may seem odd to be thinking about taking on new staff when you are not even sure about your financial position. However, the adage of speculating to accumulating may apply. As a sole trader or small firm that employs very few staff, I am sure that you are already looking into what Government help is available to boost your business.  If you are eligible, you would have to check whether your grant or loan can be used to employ some help.  If you can, then Businessadvice.co.uk give a number of reasons why  hiring a millennial could help to move your business forward.

Loans and grants

The best place to check for regular updates on what financial provision and support is on hand for small businesses and the self-employed is the www.gov.uk website.

If you have employees, your business advisor would have told you about claiming wages through the Job Retention scheme.

By now most self-employed business owners should have received a text or an email from HMRC advising them of their eligibility for assistance and when to make the claim. This claim would be for their entitlement to a grant through the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS). This grant does not have to be paid back but is taxable so must be included in your self-assessment for 2020/2021.

Smallbusiness.co.uk give you details of how to apply for a business interruption loan here.

Remember if you are at all concerned about what help is available and how to apply, HMRC regularly hosts webinars that cover a whole range of subjects.

The good thing about the webinars is that you, like your fellow attendees, can ask questions. You will find that some of the questions asked by others are quite good, so you may get your answer without having to ask.

Keep connected to you customers

Whether you are trading in a limited capacity or considering doing so, your customers need to be kept up to date with what is happening. You can stay connected with engaging, informative, and relevant content. Influencer Marketing Hub make some great suggestions. Number 2 of their top 10 says,

“They will take particular notice of useful, engaging content you may share, and are likely to remember your name, even if they have never used your services previously.”

This goes hand in hand with number 4 which tells you to improve your online presence.

keeping connected with other business owners

During these challenging times, people have pulled together, and the business community is no different. You should never feel that you are alone in this as many businesses are in the same position. There are groups on platforms like Facebook where everyone is encouraged to raise their concerns.  If groups are not for you then you could try reaching out to others in business, offering support or a listening ear. In return you may see your own business from a different perspective, helping you in the long term.

As we all navigate forward, I would love to hear from you if you need advice about what to do regarding your marketing. A friendly ear is also available upon request.

Thanks for reading.

Take care


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Hi there.

So yesterday I asked you to watch this space for the details on how to vote for this blog in the UK Blog Awards 2019.

Well, first of all here is the UK Blog Awards site for some background info – UK Blog Awards.

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Lastly, some instructions for what to do.

To vote,

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The UK Blog Awards 2019


Hi there.

Here’s some exciting news – the UK Blog Awards is now live.

I would love you to vote for me so please watch this space for further details about how to vote!

For information about the Awards check the website – UK Blog Awards

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Five Motivational Videos to kickstart your Summer!

Motivation PM Noble Writes blog

Hi there.

While the sun is out, our thoughts turn to Summer holidays. Howver, if you are unable to think about taking time off and need some encouragement, read on.

This week I thought I would compile a list of top motivational videos featuring household names from across the public arena.  Hopefully, they will inspire you on a personal and business level.


First is the inspiring American entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple –

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech


Next is a video with a line up that includes the brilliant actor Denzel Washington and leadership author John Maxwell

The Mindset of High Achievers


On the list next is a technology giant who Bloomberg calls ‘Asia’s richest man’ –

Jack Ma Billionaire Mindset


Next is one of America’s most well-known media figures with a net worth of around $4 billion –

Oprah Winfrey Greatest Ever Speech


This last video is one of the many superb offerings from ‘an inspiring community of achievers,’ called Goalcast with a radio DJ and motivational speaker –

Les Brown Why it Pays to Be Hungry

Watch, enjoy and remember ‘Never stop running after your dream.’

Take care






All you need is love!

All you need is love PM Noble Writes

Hi there,

Love it or hate it Valentine’s Day is here again!

Whether you are a romantic at heart or not, all you need is love!

Anyone, who has read my blogs here or on my website PM Noble Consultancy Services, knows that I am all about love. In business and in leisure I am always saying you should do what you love and love what you do!

Today I thought I would share the love with a few quotes, videos and sources of poetry, which I hope you will appreciate.










Here is the Telegraph’s Top Ten Romantic Poems.

The Society of Classical Poetry’s 10 Greatest Love Poems Ever Written.

I hope that you enjoyed this whistle-stop Valentine-themed blog post.

As always,

Take Care



…and the greatest of these is love.





Poppies for the fallen?

Poppies for the Fallen

Hello there.

Today is Remembrance Day, so I thought I would put together articles looking at Armistice Day from different perspectives.

Before I start with all the information, I thought I’d  add What we Remember by the Royal British Legion.

Probably one of the most well-known poems used for Remembrance Day is For the Fallen by Robert Lawrence Binyon. Here’s a stanza from the poem,

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Whether we agree with war or not, no one can deny that those who have fought for their country and who still fight today are brave and should be remembered.

Let me begin with a piece which is in contrast to the other articles I have included. Simon Jenkins of The Guardian states the case against remembrance memorials, as he believes that it’s time to move on and leave this type of commemoration behind.

Now, let me throw something else in the mix – white poppies.  The Metro’s article Where can I buy a white poppy and what do they stand for? explains the history behind them.

What do you think? Is Remembrance Day on the way out? Should red poppies be replaced?


In other news…

In an article in the Dailly Mail, we are given a glimpse of the end of World War 2 in photos; the sheer relief is apparent.

Up until recently, many soldiers from the Commonwealth were not given any type of recognition. These soldiers from the Caribbean, Asia and Africa fought for a country which many thought of as the ‘Motherland.’

Black History Month, Forces Network tells the history of African Caribbean Troops and the part they played in the World Wars.  We now know how much progress has been made when we realise that in June of this year, the heroic soldiers’ contribution was acknowledged with a War Memorial in Windrush Square in Brixton.

For further reading see:

BBC WW2 People’s War

The Commonwealth Contribution

The Telegraph, in ‘Foreign soldiers who fought alongside the British in the First World War,’acknowledge the contribution of overseas soldiers yet cause controversy with the use of the term ‘foreign.’ Many see these soldiers as British as they were citizens of the British Empire.

Thanks for reading.

Take care,


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3 things to do (even more) when business is quiet!

3 things to do...

Hello there.

Okay, so it’s nearly November and there are some whose thoughts are turned towards Christmas. If you are a product based business this may be a busy time; for services, maybe not so.

So, what do you do as an SME or entrepreneur or if you are self-employed?

A few things.

Catch up on your paperwork.

While no one particularly likes paperwork; it is necessary. We all must account for our time, so it makes sense to use periods which are quieter for all the ‘background’ work.

If you’re up to date with your paperwork; good for you!  You could still use this time to take stock of what has been happening in the business and sit down to write a marketing plan if you haven’t already done so.

Attend training or workshops

While you’re catching up on all those jobs that you don’t like, why not fit a few workshops, events or training into your schedule. Not only will it break up the monotony but it will get you equipped and ready for the next phase of your business.

Online courses such as FutureLearn Business Courses are there to enhance your current skills and help to develop your business.

I’ve done quite a few FutureLearn courses and they have great interaction with other learners. You may be someone who prefers to meet others face to face while learning new skills.  If that is the case, then Build.Blog.Boost is for you!

What is Build.Blog.Boost?

If you are in business and you aren’t sure about social media or blogging or PR, and you’d like to know how these strategies can help grow your business, then go along to this one -day workshop at the Let’s Go! Business Hub.

During the day, myself of PM Noble Consultancy Services, Vernette John Joiles of 7D Web Design and Colette Machado, will explain how social media and blogging can help the online presence of your business and how PR can add that extra something to your business.

Workshops are always good places to meet other like-minded business folks, who want to be more productive.  Speaking of meeting others, this leads nicely into the third thing to do during a quiet period….


You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money or join the highflyers (unless you really want to).  There is always something going on which is either free or has a small fee to pay.

Spend some time thinking about those in your circle. Who needs the kind of help you can offer? Who in your circle is a real champion of yours? Who is always singing your praises to others about what you have done for them? The effort is never wasted when we remind those close to us to spread the word about what we do.

Remember Build.Blog.Boost can be booked via Eventbrite. There are still Early Bird tickets available for £55.00. If you are a Let’s Go! Business Hub member tickets are on special offer for £45.00.

See you there!

Patricia Miller